Saturday, 26 May 2012

I don’t know how she does it.

Once upon a time there was a wife and mother. She worked full time, studied part time, designed renovations, dealt with council to subdivide the property they lived on, and still had time to be on the board of a couple of charity organisations. When she was not working, studying and volunteering, she found time to design a new house for her family to live in, do a course so as to be registered as an owner builder and then, together with her husband, built their new family home; All the while, still being there to supervise homework, cook meals, wash clothes attend to the needs of her husband and generally run a home.
Fast forward a few years, and the kids have now all left home, she and hubby are retired and while she is still on the board of as many charity organisations and she designs the renovation on the latest home and there is now a grandchild on the scene, albeit far off in Melbourne, there never seem to be enough hours in the day.
How did I ever have time to work!
The home renovations are still incomplete. Hubby has been run ragged lately as I’ve been about as useful as teats on a bull since I did my back in whilst hanging curtains a few months ago. Most of the interior is complete, but externally there are still numerous walls to paint and our new carport and patio cover seem to be but a distant dream as our builder dilly dallies over the quote.
My back doesn’t ache nearly as much when I am seated which has afforded me more time on the computer, thank goodness, because tomorrow we jet off to the Western Balkans and with hubby flat out like a lizard drinking, it’s been left up to me to pre-book all our accommodation and car hire in between attending physio and Pilates several times a week.
So the plan is that tomorrow we depart Brisbane for two months. First stop Singapore for two days R&R (rest and retail) therapy. From there we wing our way to Finland where we will be spending two days taking in the sights of this year’s International Design Capital, Helsinki, before hiring a car and driving around the south west corner of Finland for 5 days before continuing on our way to Dubrovnik where we intend spending 5 days relaxing in the old city before hire yet another car and driving helter skelter around Croatia for a month.
On 9 July we meet with hubby’s brothers and their respective wives for a further 10 days covering as much territory as humanly possible up hill and down dale across Montenegro and Bosnia Herzegovina. (She takes a deep breath) and then we turn around and do the whole flying thing in reverse order until we arrive back in Oz totally knackered two months later on the July 27….it’s a tough job; but someone has to do it. Tootle Loo.

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